Hard of Hearing Organisation
We are based in North Tyneside and meet in Tynemouth.
A loop system is installed to help hearing aid wearers.
By switching your hearing aid to the ‘T’ position you should be able to hear more clearly what is spoken into the microphone.
A stenographer types live what the speaker says.
This text is displayed on the wall for people to read.

Hearing Loop and Live Subtitles

Welcome to HoHo ~ Home Page
 Are you feeling isolated because of your hearing loss ?
   Are you feeling you no longer belong in the hearing world ?
    Are you finding it difficult to go to noisy places ?
     Are you finding group conversations difficult ?
Would you like to meet other hard-of-hearing or deaf people ?
Then join us and hopefully, you can gain friends and support.
Just turn up to any of our meetings, you will be welcomed.
Hearing, hard-of-hearing and deaf people all welcome !

We welcome news items, comments about this site, and suggestions regarding our organisation. 
Contact us at  judger.daniel@virginmedia.com or click  Contact HoHo  above.

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