About us
    HoHo meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except August).
    We also have four meetings over the year on the last Thursday of the month.
    Meetings commence at 2 p.m. and finish at 3.30 p.m. approx.
    We meet at Holy Saviour’s Church (Annex), 
    King Edward Road, Tynemouth, NE30 2LD.
    ( 400 yards from Tynemouth Metro Station ~ Junction of Broadway & King Edward Road )
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    Entry to the Church Annex is in Crossway directly opposite Ashleigh Grove.

    A loop system and live subtitles are provided.

    We have interesting speakers on a wide range of subjects.
    Usually the Wednesday meetings are for entertainment, and the Thursday meetings provide helpful information for hard of hearing people.
    HoHo also provides an opportunity to meet other people with hearing problems and discuss coping strategies.

    All are welcome -  you don’t have to be Hard of Hearing to enjoy our functions.
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    Our meeting fee is £1. Visitors can attend up to three meetings before paying their £5 annual membership. Membership fees are payable in April of each year.

    The HoHo Newsletter is published eleven months of the year, and distributed to members and friends of HoHo. It gives details of our activities and other information relevant to hard of hearing people.

    Teresa attends HoHo meetings from 1.30 p.m. to 2 p.m. for advice, batteries, re-tubing, etc. (N.H.S. hearing aids only).   
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    Come and join us for a pleasant afternoon and a cup of tea.

    is not a Registered Charity 
    but we would be grateful for any donations.
    These would help to cover our main costs of providing comfortable premises and live subtitles at our meetings.
    (Hard of Hearing Organisation) - A Brief History
    The first meeting of HoHo took place on Monday 17th May 2004 at North Tyneside General Hospital. Diane Murphy (North Tyneside Council’s  Community Development Officer for deaf and hard of hearing people) suggested to Judith Daniel that a support group for hard of hearing people should be formed from the lipreading classes Judith was teaching.

    At the first meeting the name HoHo was chosen. Diane organised the group initially and involved Frank Gillender from VODA who helped us draw up a constitution and apply for funding. The committee was elected in January 2005 with Judith as Chairperson. We had a Planning Day at the Rising Sun Country Park in April 2005  to discuss the goals the group wanted to achieve and our first A.G.M. took place in April 2005.

    In September 2005 social meetings started on the second Wednesday afternoons of each month at the Cass Centre in Whitley Bay.
    Information meetings continued bi-monthly on a Monday at the hospital.

    In January 2007 our meetings moved to the Parish Centre at Holy Saviour’s Church, Tynemouth. The Monday meetings were unpopular so were changed to Thursdays in September 2007.

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